Inheritance tax planning

If you want to, and through  careful finanicial planning, it is possible to either reduce or avoid Inheritance Tax on your Estate - even if you have accumulated wealth.

Inheritance tax law is regularly changing. In the summer budget of 2015 the UK Government announced sweeping changes to Inheritance Tax (IHT) designed to benefit the spiralling number of middle-class families paying IHT to ensure IHT is only paid by the ‘rich’. If you fall into George Osborne IHT target – we can help you with our Inheritance Tax Planning Services to reduce your Estate’s IHT liability.

Inheritance tax and trusts

Most of us plan to enjoy the wealth we have accumulated over our lifetimes and to pass as much of it as possible to our loved ones. Or, you may like to support a charity but, the key is you would like to choose who benefits from your wealth.

You may have no qualms about paying Inheritance Tax but you would rather choose how it is used rather than going into a central fund managed by the Government. There are many ways to manage your wealth to minimise any Inheritance Tax liability and ensure your wealth goes where you would like through the use of Trusts. Contact us for an initial consultation, we promise we will tailor our advice to suit you, your wishes and aspirations.

Inheritance planning advice

You can either become a customer or you can become a client. If you are a customer we are happy to service your requirements on a one-off basis and then in the future as you require.

If you become a client we will have an ongoing relationship. We will report on your arrangements and we will meet at least once a year to make sure you are on track to achieve your goals, aspirations and dreams.

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Denis Mitchell is both a Chartered and Certified Financial Planner with advanced qualifications in Inheritance Tax Planning. Denis is more than qualified to advise you on Inheritance Tax Planning.

Inheritance Tax 

"A voluntary tax paid by those who distrust their heirs more than they dislike the Inland Revenue".

Roy Jenkins 1986