Retirement Planning

Our retirement planning services can help you manage your wealth and pensions to ensure you have a reliable income during retirement. But, we can offer much more, we take the time to understand the lifestyle you want to live in retirement and we can advise on, and even manage your investment portfolio to provide the income you will need. We can help you plan for the longer term, provide for your loved ones and ensure all your affairs are tax and inheritance tax efficient via a range of services:

Pension management

When planning your retirement, you will want to make sure that your pensions, Wealth generate the most income possible. It is also important to ensure that the income will last for the rest of your life, and if anything happens to you it will continue to provide for your partner.

Since April 2015 the rules effecting how and when you can draw your pension have changed. This has produced a myriad of options – but what options are best for you and the lifestyle you want in retirement? Find out how we can help manage your pension.

Will reviews

If you are approaching retirement and starting to manage your wealth for life’s next adventure or if your family is growing with the addition of son in-laws, daughter in-laws and grandchildren - it is time to consider reviewing your Will. Ensuring you regular review your Will is important to reflect the change in your financial or family circumstances.

We can rewrite or amend your Will and advise on the use of Will and Trusts to protect assets, provide for loved ones and reduce inheritance tax.

Business succession strategies

Our business estate planning services are tailor made to suit you and your business - taking the standard planning options available on the High Street a significant step further. If you are currently running a business there will be several issues that you are managing in terms of your exit strategy. But meanwhile, have you considered how you preserve your business assets for your family - should something happen to you? Contact us to discuss your business succession strategy.

Wealth management

Most of our clients have worked hard to accumulate their wealth and to provide for a comfortable retirement. Most want to earn more on their savings and investments to provide for their chosen lifestyle in retirement and leave an inheritance for their loved ones. The emphasis is usually on minimising investment risk and paying as little tax as possible.

Our investment planning and management services do just this. Investments are planned to reflect your requirements and are managed professionally to give you peace of mind and time to enjoy your retirement. We have a seven step plan to help you manage your wealth.

Initial Consultation

Find out how we can help you plan for the retirement you want. Contact us for an initial free consultation.