Wealth Management

Following a simple seven-point plan we can ensure your wealth generates income and is tax efficient – so you can get what you really want out of life. Our wealth management services are designed to be straight forward and cost effective – so you can benefit from our professional expertise without exorbitant fees.

Seven steps to managing wealth

  1. We will work with you to identify what size emergency funds needs to be set aside that are easily accessible.
  2. We can advise on an investment strategy for cash investments over a five year period (the short term) and a portfolio of different assets for longer term investments.
  3. Importantly, we are able to advise on how to maximise the long term return on your savings through asset allocation. In fact, industry research has shown that 95% of the return you will receive will be determined by asset allocation.
  4. We will ensure your portfolio reflects your attitude to risk and loss.
  5. We can help you keep your tax bill to a minimum by using the most tax efficient investments - currently pension arrangements form a valuable part of this strategy.
  6. We keep charges to a minimum by avoiding actively managed funds. We use passive or tracker funds if possible.
  7. We review and rebalance the asset allocation regularly and keep you updated.

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Avoiding exorbitant fees

Managing your wealth can be straight forward. Historically, the investment industry has kept it complicated because it means they can charge you higher fees. Times are changing - our focus is on keeping fees low and returns on track. There are even options available that once your investment portfolio has been arranged you can leave it to run its course. We monitor your investments on a regular basis and keep in touch with you to ensure that if your circumstances change or investment strategy is updated to reflect this.

Your level of service

You can either become a customer or you can become a client. If you are a customer we are happy to service your requirements on a one-off basis and then in the future as you require.

If you become a client we will have an ongoing relationship. We will report on your arrangements and we will meet at least once a year to make sure you are on track to achieve your goals, aspirations and dreams.

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Denis Mitchell is both a Chartered and Certified Financial Planner with advanced qualifications in Wealth Management together with our experience in pensions and estate planning your financial future and that of your loved ones is in safe hands.

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