Asset Protection

Monday, February 15 2021

You’ve spent your life working hard, and possibly taking many risks and making sacrifices, to accumulate savings, investments, property and may be other assets.

In these times of austerity there is an ever increasing focus on raising funds by central or local government to cover spending.

This has lead to an ever increasing desire by many people to protect what they have and this in turn has lead to the need to develop strategies to do this. 

Most strategies are based around the use of Trusts.

Where possible assets should be placed in Trust but in particular, on death, they shouldn’t be left to an individual but should be left to a Trust.

The purpose of this document isn’t to explain the intricacies of Trusts but to give examples of when they would come in useful.

If you would like to discuss Trusts in more detail please contact Denis Mitchell on 01726 891421 or email [email protected].

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